Dual Charging Vape Battery
Dual Charging Vape Battery

Dual Charging Vape Battery

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Perfect battery for your vaping experience. This battery packs the features you want on a slim cartridge battery.  You get Variable Voltage with 3 preset levels and a convenient preheat function that loosens up those thick oils.  The battery has Micro-USB charging to make charging much convenient.  The battery cell is 400mAh which gives you plenty of use on a single charge. You can also use it while it is charging. Compatible with most cartridges and our CBD Vape Cartridges. 

Variable Voltage
Preheat Function
Micro-USB Charging

Battery Capacity:  400mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB
Thread Type:  510 Thread
Voltage Levels:  Low - White, Medium - Green, High - Red
On/Off:  5 Clicks Within 2 Seconds
Change Voltage Level:  3 Quick Clicks To Cycle To Next Level
Preheat:  2 Quick Clicks To Start Preheat

Color : Silver

In The Box
1 400mAh VV Preheat Battery