Schizandra (Schisandra Chinensis)

Schizandra (Schisandra Chinensis)

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Schizandra (Schisandra Chinensis)

Schizandra is a great tonic that helps the body adapt to stress because of the way it strengthens and tones many different organs. It is particularly a greatåʉÛ÷liver-protective‰۪ herb making it beneficial in the treatment of hepatitis and poor liver function.

Other uses include: Depression, Sedative, Mental & Emotional Remedy, Sexual Stimulant, Respiratory Infections, Quicken Reflexes, Skin Rashes, and Balance Fluid Levels

Ingredients: C-FU, Comfrey Fenugreek, NVS, Black Seed, Slippery Elm, Red Clover, Nettle Mullein, Lobelia, Garlic, Irish Moss, Hyss

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